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Musicians with Apps says - “This app is a mother and music teacher’s dream as far as getting their child/student to work on basic note-reading without getting bored. They love it! All-in-all we give this app our FAVORITE APP award because of its true music education value and its hooking sequence. None of the kids wanted to stop “playing”. Good Job, guys!”

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Gameranx says – “Help your kids read and play music in a way you’d be proud of, using the power of video games…With daily practise games and updates planned, it’s hard to not want to give it a go.”


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  1. Liz Kindberg

    I purchased this app and have used it many times on my iPad with my daughters as they practice piano. For some reason when we now play the “Name That Note” game, it doesn’t hear my piano. Any suggestions for what I can do to correct this??

    1. ianwilleyart Post author

      Try Settings->General->Restrictions->Microphone->MuNoteGames

      That nearly always fixes it. Let us know how you get on!

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