Appatta have developed “My Note Games!” and “Hear It, Note It! – The Aural iQ Game”.
“My Note Games!” is a unique iOS App that uses note recognition technology to enable users to interact with the App via their musical instrument.

“Hear It, Note It!” is an addictive puzzle game that is designed to vastly improve a players ability to remember and understand musical notation and phrases.


Our Aims

At Appatta we want our software to become an integral part of the way that children learn to play musical instruments.
We believe that educational apps and games should be fun and playful but at the same time deliver focussed educational content.
We design our Apps to be a significant enabler of the relationship between the child, their teachers, their parents and their friends.


“My Note Games!” on iTunes

“Hear It, Note It!” – The Aural iQ Game on iTunes

The Team


James Everard

Coder and musician James Everard wrote ‘My Note Games!’ to help his children sight-read for their piano exams.
It’s not the first time his ideas have taken off. His first company – an eMarketing company called AdTools – was acquired by a subsidiary of SonyMusic in 2000.

He believes that mobile devices will help millions of children to achieve their musical potential.


Ian Willey

Ian has been making digital games and entertainment since the last century. There’s a list of the things he’s worked on here.
In the past he has worked for pioneering start-ups including CodeHammer and Morpheme, as well as bigger companies like Eidos.

He is the proud father of a young learner of the piano, guitar and cornet.

He himself plays the recorder badly, but is rapidly improving thanks to My Note Games!

4 thoughts on “About

  1. Ernesto Rossi

    The app is absolutely great!! I use it every day with all my students. i’d like to ask if the next version could include chords and both clefs (for piano) from the easiest level. Another aspect i’d like to combine is the rhythmical-it’d be great if the modus ‘play that note’ could combine 8,4,2,16 notes in different levels,the reading would be realistic-maybe some real examples from composers once in a while.

    I hope my comments are good! Again congratulations for the game!!it really makes my students improve in a speed i didn’t expected!

    Best regards
    Ernesto Rossi
    Musikschule Walchwil

    1. ianwilleyart Post author

      We always like to hear from music teachers.
      1) We do not plan to do chords. It’s just too hard for us!
      2) As I am sure you know, both BASS and TREBLE clefs are supported, just not for the easier levels.
      3) If you start using Play-A-Day, you will find that different rhythms are included in that.

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