Bb Trumpet/Cornet

We had great fun testing this at a friend’s house, the other day. Susan (mum) has been playing since childhood, though a bit rusty now, and Simon (son) was a beginner. They were competing with each other for access to the iPad on the music stand. Great to see.

Play-A-Day worked pretty well, though Susan’s split notes were giving the note recognition software (and us) a bit of a headache. Simon was playing Play That Note very effectively with a nice loud clean sound. Well done Simon.

Treble clef notation for the trumpet is pitched a whole tone below the piano. That means that a piano player and a trumpet player, reading the same piece of music will play an whole tone apart. If a piano is playing a C then the Trumpet will be playing a Bb. My Note Games will adjust its tuning and notation accordingly when you select the instrument near the start of the application but be aware that you may run into problems if you have the wrong instrument selected.

James Everard