Q & A

Q) When is MyNoteGames going to work for iOS8?
A) New iOS 7 & 8 version will be coming out at the end of November 2014

Q) Why doesn’t it respond to notes I play
A) Try Settings->General->Restrictions->Microphone->MyNoteGames

14 thoughts on “Q & A

  1. james0everard Post author

    Can you tell me what iDevice and OS version you are using? You should find that the latest latest version of the App does not crash.


  2. Sandy

    As a teacher I need to edit the list of students playing my note games as there are duplicates. How do I do that? I am running IOS 8.1.2.

  3. Maksim

    The app doesn’t seem to work on iPhone 6s. When in the “play that note” mode, I am hearing a loud buzzing sound and the app does not respond to the notes I am playing

    1. james0everard Post author

      The app is tested on iPhone6 and 6+ and seems to work fine.
      Have you tried re-installing?

  4. james0everard Post author

    When I google iphone “6S” buzzing, I get quite a few threads about people using headphones. Are you using headphones?
    Also, try Settings->General->Restrictions->Microphone->mynotegames and make sure it is set to green.
    If that fails, you can try Settings->General->Reset->Reset All Settings, though if you do that, you will have to re-enter passwords.

    Please let me know how you get on.

  5. hii jin jin

    Hi, i’ve purchased the app.. i encounter the same problem, i heard a loud buzzing sound and it didn’t respond . I’m using ipone 6s. Kindly waiting for your feedback.

    1. james0everard Post author

      This will be fixed in the next release (April, now). It is working with everything except 6s at the moment.

  6. james0everard Post author

    I am very sorry about this. Apple changed the way the speaker works on the iPhone 6s. There is a fix due in April.


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