The Piano is the main instrument we wanted to make My Note Games work for. Both my children play Piano. It’s a very popular instrument, and rightly so.

The best thing about the Piano is that it is so easy to play a note in tune. In my opinion, it is better for children, under the age of 8 to be playing the piano, where you can concentrate on being musical, rather than something more technically difficult – like the Trombone, say, where you are struggling to play a single note.

But there are always exceptions, of course, and eventually the solitary nature of the piano can become a drag.

As long as your piano is in tune with itself, you should be confident of hours of fun using My Note Games. 

I have come across a number of Pianos (maybe even a majority) which have not been tuned for some time and are either sharp or flat. That isn’t a problem because from the Toonr The Tuner game you can adjust the tuning of the app to the pitch of your piano.

However, if you have a piano where only odd notes are out-of-tune, it may not be possible to get good performance out of My Note Games. In this case, you should My Note Games as an excuse to get your piano tuned!

James Everard