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“This is one of the best music apps out there. It is not only good for children but it is an excellent tool for adults as well. This app has open up a whole new world when it comes to reading music.”


“My sight reading for a single clef has sped up dramatically since I began using this every day.”


“Wonderful playful app which help kids to learn solfege!!! Thank you very much!”


“Awesome game and learning tool”

The iPhone Mom

“My daughter tried out Play That Note and the Play-A-Day lessons and she used her recorder…..I’m not musical at all and she’s used to going to her room and putting in her practice time with no feedback from mom. Here she was getting feedback and she didn’t like it so much.
I think it’s great! Now, all of her comments being considered let me tell you that she has asked to use the app every single day. She never wants to practice every day so I’m attributing her newfound dedication to this fun and apparently very effective app.”


Musicians with Apps

“This app is a mother and music teacher’s dream as far as getting their child/student to work on basic note-reading without getting bored.  They love it!

All-in-all we give this app our FAVORITE APP award because of its true music education value and its hooking sequence. None of the kids wanted to stop “playing”.  Good Job, guys!”



“Help your kids read and play music in a way you’d be proud of, using the power of video games…With daily practise games and updates planned, it’s hard to not want to give it a go.”


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