Descant/Soprano Recorder

The descant recorder (is it known better as the soprano recorder in the US?) is very popular as a first instrument.

My first experience  of testing My Note Games with the recorder was very poor until I realised that the cheap plastic thing I was using was desperately out-of-tune (it’s low C was a full semi-tone out compared to it’s middle C). So I bought a new recorder (made by Aulos and still quite cheap) and everything has worked fine since. 

You can get a big variation in pitch when you play the recorder, just from changing the shape of your mouth. So practice softly taa-taaing before playing the game in anger. Toonr should be able to help you sort out your tuning.

Treble clef notation for the descant/soprano recorder is pitched an octave above the piano. That means that a piano player and a recorder player, reading the same piece of music will play an octave apart. In fact, the descant recorder is the highest instrument we support. If you are a piccolo player, you might want to use the descant recorder setting.

We also support the Treble Recorder, though it has not been tested, yet.

James Everard